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Excessive moisture and mold is a serious threat to your health and structure of your home, and yet, you might not realize it’s there.  In crawlspaces, mold can go undetected and thrive, spreading rapidly.

How do you know if you have a problem with moisture and mold in your crawl spaces?  If you notice a musty smell, much like leaving wet clothes in the washer too long, this can be the result of mold spores emitting a gas as they grow.  You may see visible signs of mold.  While most people look for clusters of black spots or white fuzz, mold can also be gray-brown, gray-green, or even pink, purple, or orange.

At Crossville Heating and Cooling we inspect and diagnose problems with crawlspaces, creating clean, dry, and energy-efficient environments.

Avoid moisture damage with a crawlspace dehumidifier!

At one time, crawlspaces were vented as a means of defending against contamination.  Unfortunately, venting worsens the problem, welcoming in warm, moist, outdoor air, spores, and bacteria.  At Crossville Heating and Cooling, our team is regularly updated on cutting-edge procedures and advanced technology to efficiently, effectively, and safely resolve common issues with crawlspaces.  Our service technicians arrive promptly, complete all work quickly, and perform conscientious clean up.  We make it simple to get the assistance you need to breathe easier.

Don’t be tempted to avoid or ignore crawlspaces in your home.  Ants, termites, and beetles are attracted to spaces under floor boards.  High humidity provides the perfect habitat for many types of bugs, pests, and mold.  It can also threaten the structural integrity of your home.  Doors or windows that no longer shut properly may be a sign of sagging floors.  Wood rot can result in expensive replacement projects.  Rust and corrosion, due to moisture levels, can weaken pipes and cause them to break.

Crawlspace Dehumidifier Installation

With the installation of a crawlspace dehumidifier, Crossville Heating and Cooling effectively combats these issues, bringing moisture levels below fifty percent. Through accurate assessment and the installation of dehumidifiers and vapor barriers, our experienced specialists deliver sustainable improvement to homeowners, business owners, and retirement communities across Highland Rim of Central Tennessee.

If you have any concerns, call the professionals at Crossville Heating and Cooling.  Our knowledgeable specialists provide accurate diagnoses, recommendations, and services.  We bring straightforward solutions to common challenges across Crossville, TN & Surrounding Areas.  We live here.  We work here.  We are Crossville Heating and Cooling.

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