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How Often Should You Have Your HVAC Maintenance Done?

Getting your unit regularly cleaned and “tuned-up” can be something new to most homeowners. Many don’t know this is an important thing to do in the first place, let alone how often it should be done. However, it is just as important as getting the oil changed in your car. 

If an HVAC system is not maintained, dirt and debris build up in the coils. This causes less air flow to dispel resulting in your unit working harder. When this happens, not only does it use more energy causing your electric bill to increase, but it also leads to serious breakdowns and shortened life span of the system. No wonder it is a requirement from all unit manufacturers to have your HVAC system maintained at least once a year by a licensed company to keep the warranty valid. 

What is done during an HVAC maintenance? Our technicians follow a checklist to do a full 21-point precision inspection and cleaning. The technician will check your thermostat, air temperature, wire connections, clean the coils, test various parts that are notorious for going bad, as well as many other things to ensure your system is ready for the upcoming demand. 

The debate is how often this should be done. You should get your HVAC maintenance done at least once a year, but the coils can get clogged in as little as 6 months. So, we recommend getting your heating and air conditioning maintenance performed twice a year by a licensed, professional HVAC company. This is why our yearly maintenance agreements include 2 visits. 

If you have not had your AC maintenance performed yet, don’t wait another second to call. Your HVAC system is a very expensive investment. We want you to see the most life out of it. Regular HVAC maintenance will ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit operates with the most efficiency to keep you comfortable inside while temperatures are less comfortable outside. 

By Catie Rice, Crossville Heating & Cooling, Inc

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My wife and I just recently moved in to our house and I wanted to have the HVAC system serviced. I wanted a local business to do the work and I could not be more pleased with the service. He was very knowledgeable about my system and quickly put me at ease. I would definitely recommend this business.

Michael P.

My amazing experience started when Tasha answered the phone and provided the best customer experience I can remember! Then I met Justin and Catie at the welcome dinner for the Glade. Then Dylan showed up to install a dehumidifier and maintenance on my A/C unit. Dylan was awesome! So polite and professional!

J. C.

The entire experience was fantastic. Great communications by both office and technician. The technician Jesse M. was excellent. Did great quality work. Was fast and efficient doing the work. Communicated very well before, during and after the job. I would highly recommend doing business with Crossville Heating & Cooling.

Vernon C,
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