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When Should You Upgrade Your HVAC Unit?

Let’s face it, purchasing a new air conditioning unit is one of the most expensive investments for your home. Naturally, we want to get every last penny’s worth out of our current A/C systems. So, when is it time to actually upgrade? We have a few signs to watch out for to know when it’s time to move on to something new. 

First Sign: Your Air Conditioner is 10+ years old. The average lifespan of an older HVAC system is 10-12 years. Of course, how well the heating and air conditioning unit was maintained is a big determining factor to how long it will last. Sure, it may still be working, but probably not as efficiently as it used to. If you’ve noticed your energy bill/usage continuously going up even though you’ve not changed your electricity-use habits, the older HVAC system could very well be the culprit since it accounts for up to 60% of your bill. 

Also, the older a unit is, the harder it is to find parts to fix it when the manufacturers quit producing those needed for that model. R-22 refrigerant has not been produced since 2020 and is now very hard to come by. Therefore, getting a leak fixed is extremely pricey and difficult to achieve. 

Second Sign: You Have Frequent Breakdowns. If you’re often in need of air conditioning service despite keeping your HVAC system well maintained, you should start preparing to replace your A/C unit. Certain repairs can cost several thousand dollars. So, you’ll need to weigh whether it is worth it to you to keep repairing or just go ahead and replace. You may find in the end it is more economically friendly to invest your money in a new, energy efficient A/C system. 

Modern HVAC systems are more energy efficient and come with manufacturer’s warranties. Most offer 10 years of parts warranty to cover the lifespan of the unit. Depending on the company and package you choose, you could also get a labor warranty included so you can have peace of mind for the next decade. 

If You’re Ready to Replace: If you have calculated your options and concluded you want to proceed with a new A/C unit installation near Crossville, TN, we’re here to help! For those on a budget or wanting to help their credit scores out a bit, we offer a few different financing options. One of those is not credit based, which is a great option for those who haven’t had a chance to build their credit. 

We also have several different A/C installation packages to fit your needs, wants, and budget. One of our Comfort Advisers will come out to your home for a free consultation to find the best fit for your situation. 

Keep in mind that in April 2022, the entire HVAC industry received an 8% price increase on all equipment. They are also projecting up to 3 more increases by 2023. If you are in the market to replace your older heating and air conditioning unit, you may want to do it sooner than later to protect yourself from the future price increases. 

Regardless of your decision, Crossville Heating & Cooling, Inc is always here to make your house feel like home.

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My wife and I just recently moved in to our house and I wanted to have the HVAC system serviced. I wanted a local business to do the work and I could not be more pleased with the service. He was very knowledgeable about my system and quickly put me at ease. I would definitely recommend this business.

Michael P.

My amazing experience started when Tasha answered the phone and provided the best customer experience I can remember! Then I met Justin and Catie at the welcome dinner for the Glade. Then Dylan showed up to install a dehumidifier and maintenance on my A/C unit. Dylan was awesome! So polite and professional!

J. C.

The entire experience was fantastic. Great communications by both office and technician. The technician Jesse M. was excellent. Did great quality work. Was fast and efficient doing the work. Communicated very well before, during and after the job. I would highly recommend doing business with Crossville Heating & Cooling.

Vernon C,
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