Heat Pumps

Dual Fuel & Hybrid Heat Pump installed for a home

Dual Fuel & Hybrid Heat Pump System Installs

Heat pumps are an especially advantageous opportunity for temperature control. As an all-in-one unit, the system provides heating in the winter, cooling in the summer, and exceptional energy efficiency all year round. Crossville Heating and Cooling, Inc. specializes in heat pump technology from renowned manufacturers such as Carrier and Tempstar as well as our line of equipment from Eco Platinum. A complete selection caters to every style of home with outstanding reliability, comfort, and warranty coverage.

Trustworthy Heat Pump Repairs & Installations

Ask us about the cost-saving benefits of hybrid heating. The combination of a highly efficient, environmentally-friendly electric heat pump with the power of a natural gas furnace adds up to the most effective and affordable fuel type for every extreme of weather. Automatic change-over optimizes comfort and convenience while minimizing carbon footprint. Built around the very best solutions to temperature control, Crossville Heating and Cooling, Inc. is your source for satisfying heat pump services across Crossville, TN.
HVAC Technician installing a electric heat pump
HVAC Technician worker outside working on a ac unit

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